Health Log – Aug 2021

This will be more of an open submission because I haven’t hashed out how to format these health logs.

I follow a standard routine for food as diet is one of the most important for health upkeep.

  • Morning – (Milk + Avacado) shake + Dry Fruits.
  • Afternoon – Very rarely something has been leftover from the previous night. Or else just salad + fruits / eggs
  • Night – Roti (No rice) + cooked vegetable. Friday’s, I cook chicken. Sunday – I order food at night but everything else remains the same.

I cannot afford to eat outside, and not in terms of monetary costs. I cannot eat outside. There is too much on the line.

Yes, that is all I eat.

I know what most people will say. Is that all? Is that what you eat?
Well, yes, It’s easy, doesn’t take time, it’s healthy, and it fills my stomach.
Taste is not really an issue. I was never a foodie. If you give me the same food for the whole year and tell me it’s healthy. I will eat it. I might get bored but definitely won’t complain.

Cooking green, orange, and yellow peppers. It’s not fancy but gets the job done. That said, I need to add more lighting to my kitchen.

Health Update – August 2021

Blood pressure
Workout Duration

Here Workout Duration != Exercise Minutes

Workout BPM Average


I have to be honest about something first. Everyone has to sacrifice something or the other in life. I like to think I sacrifice my social life, but I never missed it or wanted it. Does it really count as a sacrifice if I never truly cared or wanted it?

The answer is no. I do not count it as a sacrifice.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I try my best to get into bed by 12/1:00 am but rarely am able to fall asleep quickly. Even after workouts and showers, and eating, I am unable to sleep. I have so much energy left, and my brain is constantly thinking of something or the other. I’ve tried meditation, breathing, soothing sounds, which all led to nothing. The next images will show the real truth. So much for all my friends telling me I live a perfected and most disciplined life for any young man in his mid-20s.

Restfullness %
Yeah, Yikes.
Average Sleep BPM
Sleep Rating

I wish I had a solution, but I don’t. I need to figure this out on my own.