I’d been out for two days with severe covid. The weeks after that were spent dealing with the after-effects of the same. I’m writing to warn myself that the body is not a machine or a computer that can start working back asap after a reboot.

It was a rough journey. Not because I was contacted covid but going through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally – just in a matter of 3 weeks from the almost perfect life to a dumpster fire taught me a lot of things in the process.

There is a saying that “We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” I was my own worst enemy when I was going through all this. There are many things to be learned and reflected on in the past month, and I’m glad that this happened, or else I would never have been and stand where I am today. Yes, I am pleased about all my experiences.

Anyway, I hope these photos shed some light on how quickly my healthy body deteriorated in health in weeks. What a rollercoaster of an experience

So there you have it. I doubt there’s much more need to explain.