Astronauts: The Ultimate Sacrifice

If there is anyone I respect the most in the world, it’s astronauts. It’s not because of the uniform they wear or because of the work they do. I respect them because of what they stand for in today’s time, […]

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What does it take?

If you look at the NASA / CSA / ESA website for the astronaut selection process, it usually lists 3-5 different criteria for being eligible for getting qualified for astronaut candidacy. Most people don’t understand that this is an eligibility […]

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Mars: Unflagged

I’ve been following the Olympics for some time now. The athletes put in years of effort to show the world what the human body is capable of at that stage. They wait every four years to fulfill their dreams and […]

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Run like your life depends on it

Run as your life depends on it. I am not sure why I started running. It was a way to get out of the stress in engineering. Pretty sure I did not run long distances back then that, too, maybe […]

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This is a convoluted topic because those who have it don’t know they do, never accept that they do. Those who don’t, can’t explain the people who do because it will suck out the heart and soul. Being ashamed and […]

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My day in a nutshell

This is a compact version of my day in a nutshell. 7:30 am – Alarm goes off; wake up. Sit on the living room couch for 5 minutes. Drink water. Go to the bathroom. 8:00 am – Check weight, BMI […]

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Understanding and Accepting Loss

This is a bit hard to write.What does loss mean? What does a person go through loss? What is life after death? How does everybody else miss that person after a person dies and acknowledge that person’s importance? I could […]

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Don’t reach for the stars.

Whoever made that statement clearly did not think it through. Because it makes absolutely no sense, you will burn! Yes, stars are hot, except if it is a cold star. It is a wrong assumption that all stars are hot. […]

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