So it has been an absolute rollercoaster of a week. We received a homework assignment where we had to take basic vital signs from around 20 people, which included respiration, blood pressure, bpm, spo2, etc. Sadly there are not a lot of people ready to get evaluated (even for free); that is how much people are scared of medicine & its cost – even after telling them that I don’t need anything in return, they turned me down. One person even asked me, “You’re not going to clone me, are you?“. I blame movies.

I went so far that I even asked for a date later this week if she was willing. I am 110% sure I crept her out and scared her off. I tend to forget every once in a while that something very normal to me is & can be very abnormal for a lot of people. I deserve that. What happened to the motto of “In science, we share.” haha

Yesterday, I met a very good friend to hang out with in the upper west side of NY. His GF works at a restaurant, and we sit there/work/chat and take the dogs for walks once in 2/3 months or so. He & his gf were pretty open to my vitals evaluation. As luck may have it, 4 of her friends also ended up visiting the restaurant & they were very open to it too, so that was six down.

My dear friend’s GF managed to convince the entire restaurant staff & workers to get a free health checkup; they got what they wanted, I got what I wanted, and we were all happy. Some of them had abnormal vitals & it almost felt selfish not to tell them how to improve their health as they were open to what I was trying to achieve. It was a different feeling because they were pretty sincere and open to what I was trying to convey/convince them. Most of them cannot afford a $300 city MD visit every month, so it was quite a day.

I only hoped my father would’ve seen me doing all this. For so long, he asked me if I was ever interested in medicine, and here we are. Better late than never. I avoided medicine at all costs as I never thought I was someone built for it. I didn’t exactly choose emergency care after his passing away from covid for ascan; it just happened.

One often meets his destiny on the very road he takes to avoid it.