I want to say, “It was never going to be easy,” but this is brutal. I am tired, exhausted, and a bit mentally down with work. I’m also lagging in keeping up with reading and studying. My health is somewhat okayish, but that’s the most important thing to keep pushing. If I lose that, I’d be toast.

My mornings start late because I am tired; Tue, Wed & Thu are classes from 10 AM to 1:30 PM if I’m lucky. Then grab lunch if I’m fortunate before my next work meeting, work till 6/7. Workout/Training is all over the place; I do it when I can squeeze it in. Dinner is also all over the place. Then reading the LMS (Online videos of EMT), test prep is flaky; most of it is done right before giving the section exam on Friday. Yeah, this is not great.

I haven’t done anything during the three days of the long weekend of July 4th other than just sleeping, eating, some workouts, cleaning, and watching a few episodes of tv shows I wanted to watch. I’ve been exhausted from doing anything, being honest.

I’m barely trying to stay afloat in the class. The rest of the individuals feel miles away from where I am. I think many of the students are in the range of 19-25. Again, I do not regret not taking bio in school, but it’s starting to show now. My grades haven’t been excellent either. The first four section exams have been mediocre at best – 84, 90,93, and 88. The passing score is 75 before any judgments are made, so I’ve tried to stay afloat every time. Yeah, this is bad.

The following section exam on Friday has nine chapters – RIP and the following Friday after that is our midterm. I can only say I’m pushing the pace the best I can. It won’t look like much, but I am trying hard to get through days, also making sure I am mentally sane & physically healthy.

I love that I would help people and save lives as my father did on the weekends, But I have to get through these few years.