A tale of three broken hearts, a love that did depart,
One guy, two girls, a story full of pain,
A mix of desires and shattered dreams to gain,

He liked one girl, so pure and so kind,
But she didn’t see him; with love, she was blind,
The other girl liked him, her heart overflowing,
But he just saw her as a friend worth knowing.

The friendships were strong, but love took its toll,
Each heart was shattered, leaving wounds that took hold,
The guy moved on but with a shattered heart,
Wondering why love and friendship had to fall apart.

The two girls, too, moved on with their lives,
But they both wondered why their love didn’t thrive,
They all had moved on, but still with a scar,
A reminder of a love that left a heart feeling bizarre.

Although life goes on, the pain still remains,
A lesson learned, love and friendship’s fragile chains,
For all three of them, the tale never ends,
A reminder that love and heartbreak will always be a friend.