A girl in blue, so full of cheer,
Her smile could light up any sphere,
She talked and laughed; I couldn’t deny,
She turned my day, it went from dry to dry.

Her brown hair was now blonde, a sight so fair,
Her Italian roots, a hint of flare,
She carried a book, by Vonnegut,
I knew I had to see her, I just couldn’t cut.

Her past love, she spoke with a frown,
A wedding ring, she wanted but never found,
She seemed impulsive, but oh so kind,
A partner so caring, one of a kind.

I had a bad day; I couldn’t pretend,
But I showed up, I wouldn’t cancel; it’s not my trend,
She never called, I didn’t mind,
I hope her life is filled with joy of all kind.

She deserves the best; that much is true,
A girl in blue, with a heart so pure and true,
I may have been the worst date, but still, I pray,
That she finds the happiness, she deserves every day.