Since I got back to work, things have been climbing a notch. I haven’t slept or exercised well this week. I managed to get some workouts today, but I also slept for 14 hours. I had to, as I could not sustain this routine. I attended calls at 9:30/10 in the morning and night. It’s just not healthy in any way.

I’m waiting for my paramedic school admission – I have applied to only one school. I’m working on something over Saturday and Sunday – I see that as a good and bad thing. But it is what it is, I guess. There are so many moving pieces in my life that I constantly have to re-evaluate and balance goals and priorities. Some people can get pissed about it as they feel they’re being let down.

At the same time, I tend to care about the worst people who don’t deserve it. It doesn’t make me flawed, just human. It took me a while to accept that. Somehow life has become happier since last year. I’ve stopped fighting many things happening and just accepting them for what they are. I have so many books that I ‘have’ to complete reading but haven’t got the time yet. French learning has def stopped for two weeks.

I’m going to eat now and head to bed.