I have been pretty disturbed lately. It’s hard to rest or sleep or do anything for that matter when the world is on fire. Or maybe I am just a hopeless cause for when humanity is evolved. Although it was widely speculated that it was going to happen, I was still speculative of what might become of this tense situation.

I have no idea what truly led to this conflict but all I know is innocent people will suffer once again. There has been an increase in cyber attacks due to this, more sanctions coming in place to drain Russia’s resources and more intensified attacks to retaliate the same. Where does this end?

The very people of Russia are against the invasion. The innocent civilians of Ukraine are picking up M16 guns. These innocent people have never held an advanced rifle in their hand, never been in or trained for combat, never been under stressful situations, most likely don’t even know what a safety switch is. Generations of these people will be ruined and it breaks my heart to see this once again. It’s like history hasn’t taught us anything for that matter. And when I mean “Russia”, I mean the few people who like chaos and destruction and the few companies that are going to make money in this chaos and turmoil with innocent people’s lives at stake.

It is truly hard to watch the videos circulated and it boils my blood. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday evening. Close people telling me to “not watch” or “turn off your phone” is like turning a blind eye to everything happening.

Seeing the Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet over the airspace of the city is wild for any civilian who has never been or lived in times of war. There are not going to be any winners, just widows.

The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.”


I have my on-call this week, good luck with that.