So since I have been off for almost 1.5 months, I’m learning french, swimming correctly (I’m bad), working on three personal projects, building my fitness back, trying to rest, and finding peace. I had my EMT friends over for dinner this Tuesday and had some endurance training today at Rockefeller for a 12-mile run at 1400+ feet elevation. I ran in shorts and an insulted t-shirt because why not? I ran the JoeK 10k & planning to run the Fred Lebow half marathon coming Saturday.

Someone in my pottery class left her number on my shelf, and it was nice for a change to go out with someone after last year. Have I healed completely from last year? No. But time heals everything. I didn’t want to lead her on, so I told her the truth. I’ve been led on in the past, and it hurts like hell when you realize that you were used for someone’s show. The buck stops at me. Life is too short for games. It’s hard to start fresh when there’s so much going on.

Every time I write so much happens in a short amount of time that it’s hard to form words to put down. I joined Twitter, so that’s that. I also created a fake Twitter account with a fake name/email everything and wrote the same tweets with a female identity. Guess whose followers grew by 10x in a month. On my original account, I even lost followers, if you can believe it, after I purposefully posted something immature. So that’s that.

I wish I could write everything that has happened, but honestly, I don’t remember.