So after a hectic week along with an on-call schedule, for the first time in three years, I’ve fallen sick. I’m starting to think it was an amalgamation of less sleep, low food intake, the same exercise, and many other things going on simultaneously.

I woke up at five and talked to one of my best friends about career and progression; I ended up working out for an hour, having breakfast, and going to papa’s restaurant to help him with a guest wifi access point. My throat was itching and was feeling slightly a bit feverish, but I continued. I had to meet someone for some business-related work on amazon but had to bail out. I dropped my mask somewhere and wasn’t allowed on the bus, so I had to walk home for 45 minutes/1 hour. I think that’s where my condition exacerbated.

With a lousy throat and slight fever, I tried to sleep it off but couldn’t help but worry about a person. A person whom I’ve come to respect and admire in a very short amount of time. Our hearts are funny; I barely know this person, yet I’m worried about something bad happening to them even when I’m myself in a broken state of mind and body.

Gladly they told me that they were fine, and all those horrible dreams I had in that small duration were a figment of my imagination. I honestly embarrassed myself, way to make an impression. I usually take months or years to trust someone, but this person has captured my thoughts in barely two weeks. I haven’t shared a lot about myself to not scare them off or make them feel intimidated, but I want to see how this progresses. There is always a risk of being let down, but everything in life comes at a risk, if everything came easy, we wouldn’t value it at all.

I am not sure what made me concerned about them yet, or that I have five sisters in total (cousins) and am always on high alert of something going wrong and coming to their rescue in times of crisis. I think the caring part is just involuntary for a man who’s always been around and nurtured by women for most of his life.

My spo2 is in a normal state, so it’s not covid. But I decided to push my body to the absolute limits and see how my lungs perform in this state, and boy, I was not let down. Even after a morning workout and poor health, I managed to run reasonably well.

I guess heal the body, and the mind will follow, huh?

I’m still following the crisis in Ukraine and managed to donate around $2500 to different charities but it’s hard to say how this unfolds. Or even how it affects other countries for that matter. Things are not going to be the same ever again.

Edit: Just came to the conclusion that I have covid. Not sure how I ran that distance with that pace. Hopefully, I recover soon to continue I have planned the coming week. In some ways, I couldn’t help but think like Raskolnikov where he starts hallucinating dreams when he is very sick and starts thinking about absolute worse. I’m going through something similar right now even in sickness. It’s been a while I went through something like this and it is not fun. But its good to be home every once in a while.