Today for the first time in 3 months, I managed to sleep for more than 7 hrs. I’ve been averaging 6 hrs of sleep over that – have barely been exercising or running, blood pressure is at 140/90. Didn’t really do much except donate clothes, run errands for the week & cleaning my apartment. Yeah, it wasn’t the most well-thought idea to do so much in the year, and we’re just across halftime.

  • I have my final EMT practicals skills exam on the 16th. Am I ready? No one ever is. I can’t believe that I’m writing this, but almost everyone is moving away for school, work, & life from the few friends I made. I am dreading that everything doesn’t end so soon. I’m gonna miss them, maybe one more than anyone else. The sad part of life. Gotta swallow the brutal truth & move on.
  • I screwed up big time yesterday (Friday Evening) & caused an outage at work. I was upgrading something and got too ahead of myself, and it led to some loss of data as the cluster upgrade I was working on went into a state of flux. The master nodes did not play well with the data nodes, and everything went out of the window. Someone like me shouldn’t be making such mistakes, it should never have happened & it happened. There’s no point in beating myself up. I ruined my coworker’s evenings as I had to page them, ruined my family dinner outing as I was working with my laptop with food beside me. Yeah, I ruined it all.
  • I’ve almost convinced my workplace to pay my paramedic school tuition. But the hard part is paramedic school will be brutal, especially the hours that go into it. I will come out in a bad state. It has been hectic managing everything these last three months, so I might rest and get my health back in shape. Gotta run that 6-minute mile again. For the remaining year, I plan just to work & concentrate on my health. After covid, everything has just gone downhill.
  • A lot of big planned work is ahead of me this year; I plan to overdeliver as always. It’s a lot for one person, but I’ve never been afraid of challenges that push the boundaries of innovation & engineering.
  • The flight paramedic book got delivered. That’s pretty cool.