I ended up going skydiving on the 3rd. It was a 5/10 experience. I’m not sure how to put this, but I think I expected more of a kick or adrenaline rush out of that experience. I will most likely get trained to do solo jumps after my hectic summer of EMT + Work + Travel ends. I have a flight to manchester this Friday, but I also have my first section exam the same day, which includes all chapters taught till Thursday. The course load is somewhat bizarre.

I do like the kick of saving someone or nurturing someone in help/need. It makes me more human and empathetic and builds composure. I hope I clear all my exams and the NYS exam & start paramedic school. I’m aware that many folks insist on getting experience before entering school, but I’ll rather risk it with a full-time job. Biology is fascinating the more I study. It is relatively hard to retain all the information, but I’m trying to use the Pomodoro technique, but god, that 1600+ pages book does frighten me. One day at a time, though.

The end goal is not just to be a paramedic but also to get real-life experience helping people in emergencies. It’s said that if you genuinely want to learn to be composed and feel what’s it like to work under pressure, this is it. It would be good to have two completely different sets of “major” backgrounds and skillset before getting into the ASCAN program.

I also made a new fat friend nearby. I love chonkers. Look at the size of it!

I ended up watching a video on Jordan Peterson, and this person makes some seriously valid points in a lot of areas. This man gets attacked by other people. It makes me remember nobody listens to each other, honestly. He speaks objectively, yet he is accused of being offensive, aggressive, and even a male supremacist. It is always the case that people will pick the words they want from your sentences and merge them to understand what they want to understand instead of listening, I mean truly listening and trying to get what you mean by them. And the only thing supposed to matter is what you mean by your words since they are your own damn words, but it is always the vice versa. This makes me sad.

Don’t be too sweet to be swallowed quickly and don’t be too bitter to be spitted out

Having a caring heart can damage a person’s self-worth and affect their mental health to no return. We all need to find a balance where our patience, kindness, and vulnerability are not seen as weaknesses in this morally compromised world. For those who insist or try to convince me that this world is only filled with good people, I want to tell them so badly, “Try to live my life for a week & you’ll know.” Anyway, live and let live.

If you could do good things for other people, you had a moral obligation to do those things. Not a choice, responsibility.