For someone who has lost a lot of touch on television because I do not own one and not because I cannot afford it, I always feel I’m out of touch with 90% of the things. (Don’t regret it, though)

I had a 10k race on Saturday, Jan 8th, which was also reasonably well run for my debut race for NYRR, which was 50:25. I could have gone harder but decided to take it slow as it was 20 * F. Had a flight and business trip to Des Moines on Sunday – which was great; I learned a lot of new things, Ran in “6 *” F, had a few meetings, spent decent hours in the gym, slept only for 5 hours on average for that week, but all and all it was great. I’m surprised that I could get some good work done on a business trip. Des Moines is really beautiful and full of really nice and friendly people. I loved the food too! It was delicious (and cheap)! I finally got to ride the peloton in the hotel gym, but I decided not to buy it and bought a knock-off $350 indoor bicycle. I already spend hours in front of a screen; how many more do I need?; Along with getting yelled at by a sweaty trainer. Nope. By so much running, working, and working out, I’ve got tanned as s**t. I’m not too fond of that because I’m already light-browned skin; it only gets darker.

Coming back, after a week, I had a half marathon which I managed to run in 1 hour 51 minutes. I lost $180k in the market pullback in these two to three months and am a bit strapped for cash at the moment. I have to get LASIK and one more surgery done, and with everything being super expensive, it is not helping me at all. Yeah, this is getting harder to manage than I thought. This week, I ended up doing a two-month estimated project at work in 2.5 days. My manager told me I need to take it easy once in a while and don’t always have to give 5000%. I felt lost after that for some time, i.e., a man without a purpose.

I talked to a friend, and his exact words were, “You sound like Sherlock Holmes. It’s feast or famine for a hungry mind“. How do I explain that this hungry mind goes to dark places so much by just thinking about where we are headed as humans that sometimes I need to snap out of it by force. I’m currently writing this from Secaucus, which I forced myself to be as the storm passes because I knew if I stayed at home, I would land myself in depression by working more or just working out and thinking more.

It’s true, your mind is a very complex organ, and if you have a marginally high EQ than most, you are enslaved to your thoughts because you constantly question your reality of things and if you are the one who is not ordinary.

There is already so much I need to do and accomplish this year; I really am afraid of how everything is going to pan out. And it’s only January! My heart is racing like a horse already. Gotta push forward thought.