P.S. – This post has nothing to do with the Netflix show for Formula 1. This is more of a self-realization post that the coming months will be in a LIT, super intense, hectic, chaotic, bizarre, Fight or Flight and reckless from anything I’ve gone through.

Work has kicked up a notch after covid. I’m aiming for the ArchL1 this year, so that’s that. The new office is growing on me; I have a view of the oculus from my desk. There is a small D.C. in the new office, which I plan to cluster and use as a supercomputer for experimental and research purposes. Who knows? I may find alien life somewhere in the universe. lol

Quite a view from my office desk.

I decided not to move on with volunteering for kids/teens as a mentorship program. There are two reasons for this; one is that the intro meeting got rescheduled four times now, and that was it. The second one is that, even if I do go for it, I don’t want to start something and drop it and ruin some kid’s future.

I’ve started reading some EMT/Paramedic stuff and hope that I do well on that. It’s been five years since I’ve touched books for “Studying” or exams per see, and I have no shame in admitting I suck at test-taking. There is so much planned this year that I’m still wrapping my head around everything I’ve taken up and completed till now. My manager is right; I rarely take a look at my accomplishments. There are always improvements to be made in everything.

I’ve decided to post a few things that my late biological father sent to me. It is hard for a young man to write about his late father, who passed away trying to help people in the middle of a global pandemic.
I know he would be beyond elated to know that his son is following the path one only dreams about.

Hectic activities will take you to perfection & your hard work, efficiency will make you a perfect man to achieve your goals in life. I am proud of you. As you are my youngest child, I always miss you whenever I am outside at distant places.

Sonu ji, whenever you talk about some new venture, I get proud of it as I had dreamed it for a long. That my child should do something extraordinary thing. I have suffixed ji & D in your name while calling you. This was decided by your Mom & myself. Your Grandfather’s name was starting with D & I used to call him Ji. In the year 1918, He stood first in his Final exam in the District. But due to the hostile conditions he could not perform his studies. It was his dream that someone should become a IAS or a prominent degree holder. He was a renounced social worker in his time. Now it’s 2018, exactly 100 years after that you are showing the same talent in researching cancer of which he died in 1971. 

I stopped any cancer research a few years ago due to time constraints, but learning medicine from sheer basics will help me understand it more, so probably EMT/Paramedic was the right call now. (Gotta start somewhere, right) I know that millions of researchers and scientists are trying to solve this deadly disease. And I was trying to understand and see it through, but I was trying to solve a few equations, not one hand behind my back but both hands tied up. Also, it’s been four years now. I’ve grown over these years, a little older, a little wiser, and definitely with a vast knowledge of skillset than I had as a grad student. Not forgetting that I also sort of have a supercomputer at my disposal now.

I’m starting to think my family has a horrible history of throwing a well-settled life and working for the betterment of humanity. Every new generation just kicks up a notch higher just because they can.