Caring is a virtue that should be shared,
It’s the light that guides us, it’s the love that we bear.
It’s the warmth in our hearts that’s always there,
And the kindness we show, even when it’s not fair.

It’s the way we reach out to those in need,
And the way we support and plant a seed,
Of hope, of strength, and of love so true,
That blossoms and grows, when we care for you.

It’s the way we lend an ear and listen,
And the way we hold you in our arms and glisten,
With tears of joy, when you’re feeling low,
And the way we show you, you’re not alone.

So let’s make a promise to care today,
For ourselves and for others in every way,
For in caring, we’ll find true happiness,
And live a life filled with love and blessedness.