More than a lot has happened since I last wrote anything. I haven’t had the time to put everything into words. In April, I went to DC during the cherry blossom season. The following day, despite the pouring rain, I decided to run and see all the monuments in one go. Even the doorman asked me, “Are you serious? It’s a borderline storm outside.” But I went for it and had fun.

April was busy with work, and on the 23rd, it was the Leatherman’s Loop. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” I wanted it to rain during the race, but I didn’t realize how intense, dreadful, and borderline self-harming the race would be. It rained like never before. I also slipped and fell on my ass, getting bruises in more than five places on my body. However, it was the most fun race I ever had.

I also volunteered as a medic at the Shape/Health Women’s Half Marathon. It was a great learning experience, and I’m not backing out to pursue my paramedic degree, at least for now. At first, I thought I wouldn’t make it because I couldn’t see a clear road ahead, mainly because a few things happened that made me uncertain about my future. Seeing the ages of the astronauts selected for the Artemis missions around the moon added to my confusion.

My medic day was filled with so much learning that I cannot describe it. I now have a different respect for physical therapists. Most of the patients I saw were from the C and later corrals. Some had blisters, others had lactic acid buildup, and one woman almost fainted in front of the medic tent. I was also pulled in to help with an unconscious patient who later recovered. Some people had odd requests and forgot that we were not definitive care but more like emergency care. Thankfully, nothing serious happened. Overall, it was a great learning experience. I worked with a resident, a physical therapist, and an oral/face surgeon. Most people wondered why an engineer would have an EMT license, but the resident figured it out in the end.

I have an English test next Monday for my paramedic school English assignment level. Despite having an extensive education, I can’t believe I still have to take an English test. It’s not a pleasant experience.

The following week is an all-hands meeting for the infrastructure engineering team. I’m looking forward to it. During the same week, my sister and her husband are coming to visit me and my mom. It’s a lot happening in a short time, but I’m excited about all the events.

Someone told me to retire the beanie look entirely. But I love beanies, and I feel I carry them well.