Long story short, a lot’s happening in a very short amount of time. Sister and BIL were here when I had my all-hands meeting. I presented on traffic scrubbing and gave a sort of standup on Pallas cats. Received a stuffed toy that looks similar to a Pallas cat in return. Its eyes have some character of their own. We had a short treasure hunt sort of scenario in the evening on the last day of the all-hands. That was quite fun.

My paramedic school schedule is sorted out and it took a while. I had to give another English test because my HS was not in the US. It was out of 120. Scored 120. Then I had to run around and try to find my advisor so I pretty much started emailing everybody. The advisor and the assistant to the director of the program then got on a Zoom call and schooled me about not being professional and writing emails like I’m their friend.

Let me tell you, the emails were straightforward and cogent and contained no language that seemed disrespectful in any way. I wrote emails to clear out the BS for I was constantly bounced around for help. The irony is my grad school professor and advisor who had Ph.D.’s asked me to write emails casually, and then there is this person, who makes $30-50 an hour at a school that gives admission to any “body” with a pulse and tried to school me about professionalism? If the school had a proper system of students finding their advisor, we wouldn’t be here in this place, would we?

Ah, the epitome of professionalism and intellect. It’s truly astounding how people effortlessly navigate the vast ocean of knowledge without the burden of higher education. We should all aspire to reach such unparalleled heights without those pesky degrees holding us back.

But I just sucked it up, apologized, and got my schedule sorted. She did tell me that she has no idea how I’m gonna complete my clinical hours because I don’t work as an EMT but rather am in a completely different profession. Honestly, even I don’t know. The first year is basic courses but the second year is when shit hits the fan. The worst case is I drop out after the first year. No risk, no reward. I do want to do this, but I need more hours in a day. 8hrs engineering job, sleep, cook/food, train to maintain health, study, research, and now school? exams?

I don’t know. Seriously. I have no idea. But I do wanna do this.

The Half Marathon was okay. I didn’t sleep and had rowed and resistance trained the same night so I was a bit washed out. I ran a minute slower than last year.

Also, a man collapsed while we got out at a subway stop. We got out to go to a friend’s house and heard some commotion and apparently, someone had gone down, I attended to that person/patient as a medic while my friend who was with me called 911.

Yes, being a medic has its advantages. It felt nice. Thankfully it was nothing serious.