In just two weeks, my heart was won
By a woman who was sick and on the run
From a disease that took someone’s dear
And left her with a lot of fear

We talked for hours every day
And I felt like I could save her in some way
For I had lost someone too
To the same sickness, it was true

We shared a bond, a common pain
And I knew that I loved her in vain
When I met her in person, I froze
And my behavior, I suppose

It was not what she deserved
And so, my heart was left unserved
She left me hanging with no goodbye
And I was heartbroken; I couldn’t lie

When she ghosted, my heart did ache,
Mentally and psychologically, my mind did shake.
I hadn’t felt this way in such a long time,
But now she’s gone, and my heart is a mime.

I hadn’t felt for anyone like this
A long time, I must admit
But now, I’ve moved on with my life
Though the incident still causes strife

I hope that she achieves her dream
Of acting on Broadway, it would seem
And that the person she chooses to love
Will take care of her and her mental well above

I think of her often and with care
But I’m cautious now; with women, I’ll share
My heart, for it, was broken once before
And I don’t want to feel that pain anymore.

I’m cautious now in love; it’s true,
But I’ll always remember the love I knew.
Though it was brief, it was honest and pure,
And my heart will always be insecure.